Library Services

Library Services aims to fulfill all bookish needs, no membership card required. From community library development to personal reading curriculums, Library Services starts with one good book at a time. With experience as a bookseller, librarian, reader, reviewer, and writer, I provide these services on both client and community levels.

See all rates and services below. Trade and sliding scale options are offered for rural clients.

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Community Libraries

Many of the nation’s libraries are located in remote or rural communities, staffed by one or two people, and integrated into a county network of book and resource sharing. I work directly with local librarians to help them audit their existing collections, access additional funding, and develop new strategies for aquiring materials that best meet the needs of their direct community. 

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Collections Audit

Through on-the-ground outreach
and census research, the goal of a collections audit is to find the gaps that exist on every shelf with special attention to local history and literature, media literacy, mental health, diversity, and inclusion.
Rate is variable and available upon request

Resource Development

A hard truth for any rural library and its patrons is that the smaller the budget, the larger the gaps. A hybrid helper program, resource development is part consultation and part advocacy--helping small libraries to plan budgets, locate funding, and build partnerships.
Rate is variable and available upon request


Personal Libraries

Inspired by author Umberto Eco’s immense personal library of around 30,000 titles, scholar and essayist Nassim Nicholas Taleb asserted that “Read books are far less valuable than unread ones.” His argument being that the more unread books you own, the more knowledge awaits you. At Library Services that is our philosophy too. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or care for the library of a loved one, these services are for you. 

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This is a customizable service for personal libraries: a made-to-order portal to new worlds. Contemporary fiction? Art books? Classic novels? Spiritual texts? Whatever you like, I can build it.
Rate is variable and available upon request


One day, even Umberto Eco’s library may be given up to archives, relatives, and the highest bidder. For this reason, Library Services also offers appraisals, disbursement, and disposal. 
Rate is variable and available upon request


Client Rates

Would you like to work together? I offer hourly or project rates for a range of writing and editing labor. My skills include copywriting, copyediting, grant writing, ghostwriting, narrative development, content creation, one-on-one editorial counsel, teaching, tutoring, and concept consulting.

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Whether you have a voice or you need one, this service will hone any message and match any tone. Library Services copywriting is available across all genres: documentary, promotional, and personal. 
Rates start at $55/hour


Not only is it nice to have a second pair of eyes but, more often than not, it is necessary. Library Services editing is available for all professional and creative writing projects.
Rates start at $55/hour


An avid reader, a badge-earning bookseller, a small town librarian, and a “bookstagrammer” with an annual average of over 50 titles, a few of my reviews can be found here.
Rates start at $45/hour

Grant Writing

While Library Services may reasonably specialize in library-specific funding, grant writing services are also available to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and more. 
Rates start at $45/hour

Former & Current Clients
Whitman County Library District
BookPeople of Moscow
A Good Used Book
Book Soup
The Maintenance Post
Hi-Vis Agency
City of Palouse
Palouse Rural Library

Skills and Proficiencies
Professional Copywriting
Proofreading, Copyediting
Manuscript Review
Book Reviews

Library Services programs have recieved funding from Penguin Random House, The Association for Rural and Small Libraries, Rural Development Initiatives, Humanities Washington, Hi-Vis Agency, and community ARPA funds.